Disability Inclusion

Recognising the needs of people with disabilities.


UNSW ensures the learning and teaching experience is welcoming and inclusive and that the University’s built and digital environment is accessible for everyone.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

One of the five initiatives outlined by the Strategy 2025 is to implement UNSW’s Disability Action Plan (DIAP). This plan aims to make the learning, working and teaching experience welcoming and inclusive for people of all abilities.

Accessible and Inclusive Events Hub

From Teams and Zoom meetings to large scale hybrid events, the new Events Hub will help ensure your communications and events are welcoming, fully accessible and inclusive.

More on disability inclusion at UNSW

UNSW Disability Innovation Institute

The UNSW Disability Innovation Institute is a world-first initiative, harnessing interdisciplinary research with people with disability to seek innovative solutions.

Universal Design for Learning

Dr Alanya Drummond (UNSW Disability Champion) has collaborated on the launch of a new portal on the UNSW Teaching Gateway on Universal Design for Learning.

Equitable Learning Services

Our Disability Advisers can help put in place services and educational adjustments to make things more manageable so that you are able to complete your course requirements.

Workplace Adjustments

UNSW's Reasonable Adjustment Guidelines are designed to help staff navigate the reasonable adjustment process and assist managers to support current and prospective staff with visible and non-visible disability.

Students with Disabilities Collective

Find out more about the UNSW Students with Disabilities Collective.

Disability Scholars Network

The Disability Scholars Network consists of students and early career researchers who are currently pursuing, or interested in pursuing, research that benefits the lives of people with disability.

Accessible Parking & Map

There are many members of the UNSW community living with a variety of disabilities. Here’s some help with navigating the campus.


Build knowledge, skills and tools to advance disability confidence in the workplace and classroom, and include all stakeholders with disability. These workshops develop capacity to adjust behaviours and have critical conversations, taking an intersectional approach to accessibility at UNSW.

UNSW is a member of Australian Network on Disability, a national, membership-based organisation which supports organisations to advance the inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of business.