Alexandre Fleck Soares Brandao

Alexandre Fleck Soares Brandao

Postgraduate Research Student
MA in Sociology of Law, Onati IISL, LL.B., UFRGS.

PhD Candidate & Teaching Fellow

Alex started his PhD candidature as a recipient of the UNSW Scientia Scholarship in 2018. His research is on activism on social media and legal change. He currently teaches Legal Research and Writing at UNSW Law.

Originally from Brazil, Alex is interested and has published in the areas of Criminology, Law and Technology, Sociolegal Studies, and Law and Politics in English, Spanish and Portuguese. He has also consulted and administered training in the use of technology for sociolegal research and reference management tools.


Jill Hunter, Lyria Bennett Moses, Daniel Joyce

Areas of research

Law and Technology, Social Movements, Sociolegal Studies, Criminology, Law and Social Theory, Methodology

Publications and presentations

  • 'Pushing for Gun Control on Social Media: the relationship between social movements, social media and legal change. Lessons from the students from Parkland, Florida, USA.' (Presentation, ANZSOC Conference, 2019)
  • 'Rule of Law in Brazil in times of Bolsonaro: a new challenge for academic and political freedom or business as usual?' (Presentation, Research Committee for Sociology of Law Congress, 2019)
  • '“Shut up and play your tune!” Roger Waters in Brazil, popular culture and activism.”' (Presentation, Research Committee for Sociology of Law Congress, 2019)
  • 'Social Media and Criminal Courts: An Initial Proposition' (Presentation, XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology, 2018)
  • Alexandre Fleck, Renata Costa, Germano Schwartz, ‘How Does Football Influence the Political System and Juridify Social Movements? Brazil, June 2013.’ (2016) 6(1) Onati Socio-Legal Series
  • Alexandre Fleck, Renata Costa, Germano Schwartz, 'As Respostas do Direito e da Política às Jornadas de Junho: uma Análise da Judicialização e do Processo de Criminalização na Cidade de Porto Alegre.' (2015) 115(1) Revista Brasileira de Ciencias Criminais
  • Alexandre Fleck, Renata Costa, Germano Schwartz, 'Political and Legal Response to Brazil?s June Days: an Analysis of Judicialization and Criminalization in the City of Porto Alegre.' (2014) 12(1) The Journal of Social Policy Studies