Ayla Alves

Ayla Alves

Postgraduate Research Student
LLM in International Human Rights Law at the University of Liverpool (2018); Bachelor of Laws at the State University of Feira de Santana (2017).

PhD Candidate

Ayla started her doctoral studies at UNSW Law and Justice in 2019. Her research considers the regulation of cultural appropriation in international law, aiming at improving the level of protection that existing international legal frameworks afford Indigenous cultural heritage. Ayla is also a tutor and teaching fellow at UNSW Law and Justice, and a research assistant both at UNSW and UTS Sydney.

She holds a LLM degree (Distinction) in International Human Rights Law from the University of Liverpool (2018), and a LLB (Bachelor of Laws) from the State University of Feira de Santana (Brazil).

Prior to starting her doctoral studies at UNSW, she taught Human Rights Law as an Adjunct Lecturer in Brazil and practiced law in her hometown. Ayla has recently also worked as a Judicial Clerk at the European Court of Human Rights during a five-month study visit at the Strasbourg court. She is currently a co-editor of the ASIL Rights of Indigenous Peoples Interest Group Newsletter.

Areas of research

International Law, International Human Rights Law, and Indigenous Rights.


Lucas Lixinski, Noam Peleg

Publications and presentations

  • Ayla Alves, 'Is It Possible/Desirable to Establish a Vertical Model of International Dispute Settlement Mechanism with the International Court of Justice Being the 'Last Resort Court'? in Felipe Dutra Asensi et al (eds), Interfaces entre Instituições e Estado (Grupo Multifoco, 2019, Brazil);
  • Ayla do Vale Alves and Márcia Costa Misi, 'Da Liberdade de Expressão ao Discurso de Ódio: Uma Análise Adequação do Entendimento Jurisprudencial Brasileiro À Jurisprudência da Corte Interamericana de Direitos Humanos' ('From Freedom of Expression to Hate Speech: An Analysis of the Adjustment of the Brazilian Case Law to the Case Law of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights' (Special Volume)35 Revista da Faculdade de Direito da UFRGS 150.


Journal articles

  • do Vale Alves A, 2020, 'Les 3 Cours Régionales des Droits de L’Homme In Context: La Justice Qui n’Allait Pas de Soi', Australian Journal of Human Rights, vol. 26, pp. 568 - 576, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/1323238x.2021.1890542
  • Alves ADV; Misi MC, 2016, 'Da liberdade de expressão ao discurso de ódio: uma análise da adequação do entendimento jurisprudencial brasileiro à jurisprudência da Corte Interamericana de Direitos Humanos', Revista da Faculdade de Direito, vol. 1, http://dx.doi.org/10.22456/0104-6594.69863