Carley Bartlett

PhD Candidate
LLB (Hons I), BSc (Environmental Science), Flinders University.
Postgraduate Research Student

Carley is broadly interested in exploring how complex environmental knowledge is produced and represented in legal and policy responses to environmental problems. Prior to commencing as a PhD candidate in 2019, she held roles in Sydney working as an environment and planning lawyer at a large commercial law firm, as tipstaff to the Hon Brian J Preston, Chief Judge of the NSW Land and Environment Court, and as a Graduate Researcher at an environmental NGO. Carley is also a Teaching Fellow and has taught in Natural Resources Law and Torts.


  • Cameron Holley
  • Gary Edmond

Area of Interest

Environmental law, water law, natural resources law, toxic torts, legal theory, science and technology studies


Carley’s research examines the entanglement of law and science in the context of PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) contamination in Australia.


  • ‘Mobilising uncertainty: Preliminary insights from field work into Australia’s response to PFAS contamination’ (Conference Presentation, Environmental Law Doctoral Researchers’ Workshop 2021, University of Melbourne/UNSW, 6 July 2021, (Online).

    ‘PFAS contamination in Australia: Putting the researcher into the picture’ (Conference Presentation, AusSTS 2021: Situated Practice – A multi-sited workshop, 25 June 2021, Online).

    ‘Legal responses to PFAS contamination in Australia: Insights from STS’ (Conference Presentation, Frontiers in Environmental Law Colloquium, 13 February 2020, Perth).