Diogo Machado

Diogo Machado

Postgraduate Research Student
MSc (Criminology) Transnational Crime, Justice and Security (Hons I); LLB (Hons I).

Diogo Machado is a Scientia PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Law, UNSW Sydney. He researches the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing transnational regulation on cultural heritage. He holds an MSc (Criminology) in Transnational Crimes, Justice & Security from the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, and an LLB from the University of Brasília, Brazil. He is a Chevening Alumnus.

Prior to joining UNSW Law, he worked as the Deputy International Advisor to the Minister of Justice and Public Security in Brazil. He represented the country in international meetings under the G20, OECD, Interpol, FATF, the European Judicial Network, the Organisation of American States, Mercosur, the International Association of Anti-corruption Authorities, among others.

Diogo’s thesis builds a values framework to examine overlapping transnational regulatory regimes with respect to cultural heritage. Recent initiatives of transnational criminal lawhave addressed anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing risks associated with the trade of cultural objects. However, the values that the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regimes aim to protect are not made-to-measure with values underpinning cultural heritage law. Diogo sheds light on goals, priorities, and background assumptions of those regime to reveal and mediate tensions arising from the highly fragmented interactions among these overlapping frameworks, and their impact to cultural heritage safeguarding.

Areas of research

International law, Transnational criminal law, International cultural heritage law


Lucas Lixinski, Sarah Williams, Scott East

Publications and presentations

  • Protection of cultural objects against money laundering: contributions of Rational Choice Theory
  • Book chapter in Global Perspectives of Cultural Property Crime (Routledge, 2022) (English)
  • Anti-money laundering regulation on the Brazilian art market
    Available here (English)
  • The values of corruption: administration of seized and confiscated assets
    Available here (Portuguese)
  • The dual nature of asset recovery by the International Criminal Court: deterrence of criminal activities and victims’ reparation
    *The article was awarded the second best paper in the Blattmann, Odio Benito y Steiner Competition
    Available here (Portuguese)
  • Artistic expressions of crime: money laundering in the art market
    Available here (Portuguese)
  • International agreements in criminal matters: the foundations of cooperation among countries
  • Transnational recovery of child maintenance
    Available here (Portuguese)
  • Values informing the recovery of cultural objects in criminal proceedings
  • Presented at ARCA’s Annual Interdisciplinary Art Crime Conference 2022 (Amelia, Italy)
  • The role of transnational cultural heritage law in reimagining transnational legal orders
  • Transnational Legal Orders: new frontiers in research and theory
  • Presented at the Law & Society Association Global Meeting 2022 (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Due diligence in anti-money laundering transnational regulation of cultural property
  • Presented at the Due Diligence, Digital Databases, and Cultural Property Law & Policy Conference 2022 (Reichman University, Israel)
  • Aligning values of cultural heritage and transnational criminal law
  • Finalist in the 3 Minute Thesis Competition 2021 (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia - online, available here)
  • Trafficking in cultural heritage and organised crime
  • Presented at the 5th Biennal Conference of the Association of Cultural Heritage Studies 2020 (University College London, UK)
  • The implementation of the anti-money laundering policy in the Brazilian art market
  • Presented at the Transatlantic Cultural Property Crime Symposium 2018 (Queen Mary University of London, UK)
  • Rights of bona-fide third parties and victims of money laundering
  • Presented at the Meeting of the Group of Experts for the Control of Money Laundering 2015 (Organization of American States, Washington DC, USA)
  • Brazil's national strategy against corruption and money laundering
  • Presented at the Committee meeting of the Conference of Ministers of Justice of Ibero-American countries (COMJIB) 2014 (Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala)
  • The inclusion of tax offenses as a predicate crime to money laundering
  • Presented at the Meeting of the Group of Experts for the Control of Money Laundering 2012 (Organization of American States, Washington DC, USA)