Siddharth Narrain Arcot Ananth

Siddharth Narrain Arcot Ananth

Postgraduate Research Student
BA LLB (Hons) (National Law School, Bangalore) PG Dipl (Print Journalism) (ACJ, Chennai); LLM (Harvard)

Scientia PhD Scholar

Siddharth commenced his PhD candidature at UNSW Law in 2019. He has worked previously as an Assistant Professor (Visiting) at the School of Law, Governance, and Citizenship, Ambedkar University Delhi; as a Research Fellow at the Sarai Programme, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), Delhi; as a legal researcher with the Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore; and as a journalist with The Hindu Group of Publications, Delhi.

Siddharth has co-edited a volume on the politics of the Indian Supreme Court titled The Shifting Scales of Justice: The Supreme Court in Neo-liberal India (2014).

Areas of research

Media law, constitutional law, legal theory, legal anthropology and South Asia studies.


Fleur Johns, Daniel Joyce,. Vicki Sentas

Publications and presentations

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