Tatiana Fernández-Maya

Tatiana Fernández-Maya

Postgraduate Research Student
BA Philosophy, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia, MA Theory and Practice of Human Rights. University of Essex, UK

Scientia PhD Candidate

After receiving my degree in philosophy, I spent some years working with a victims organisation in Colombia, mainly in the area of advocacy and access to reparations. In 2015, I completed my masters degree and was appointed as coordinator of a gender studies unit in a Colombian private university, where I also directed a seminar on transitional justice. Following that, I participated in a photo-documentary project developed with a group of victims of political violence in Colombia, acting as cultural manager and as a victim myself. My last experience before coming to Australia, was in the Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture in Giessen, Germany, were I worked in a project studying victims' participation in constructing collective memory.

Areas of research

Transitional justice, Human rights, Memory and art, Philosophy of law


Andrea Durbach, Jill Bennett, Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela

Publications and presentations

  • Agonistic Memory: Introducing a Dialogic Way of Remembrance in a Museum Environment. KULT_online 58, 2019.
  • Political Stigmatisation and Collective Memory. A challenge for a sustainable peace in Colombia. 2nd Memory Studies Association Conference. Copenhagen, Denmark, 14–16 December 2017.