Academic visitors

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List of all visiting academics

Name Position
Arner, Douglas Wayne Visiting Professorial Fellow
Berg, Laurie Ada Visiting Fellow
Blackshield, Anthony Roland Visiting Professor
Cashman, Peter Kenneth Adjunct Professor
Catanzariti, Joseph Adjunct Professor
Clarke, Roger Anthony Visiting Professor
Compton, Caroline Visiting Fellow
Cossins, Anne Isabel Visiting Professor
Cowdery, Nicholas Visiting Professor
Dillon, Hugh Christopher Bryant Adjunct Professor
Disney, Julian Henry Plunkett Visiting Professor
Dombkins, Peter Louis Adjunct Associate Professor
Earle, Patrick Adjunct Lecturer
Edelman, James Conjoint Professor
Edwards, Kirsten Adjunct Associate Professor
Findlay, Mark Visiting Professor
Fitzgerald, James Adjunct Associate Professor
Forell, Suzanne Caitlin Adjunct Associate Professor
Gilbert, Geoffrey Scott Visiting Professor
Glass, Arthur Stanley Visiting Professor
Gletzer, Joshua Visiting Professor
Goldman, David Visiting Fellow
Goldson, Barry Visiting Professor
Gray, Janice Susan Honorary Associate Professor
Harley, Denis John Visiting Fellow
Hogg, Russell George Visiting Professor
Howell, Rosemary Jessamyn Visiting Professor
Hughes, Anthony Thomas Visiting Fellow
Kirby, Michael Visiting Professor
Kirchengast, Tyrone Senior Visiting Fellow
Kirk, Linda Jean Adjunct Associate Professor
Knoll, David Desmond Adjunct Associate Professor
Krygier, Martin Evald John Visiting Professor
Langford, Malcolm Visiting Fellow
Lenehan, Craig Adjunct Lecturer
Lim, Brendan Adjunct Lecturer
Mason, Keith Adjunct Professor
Maxwell, Christopher Adjunct Professor
McGarrity, Nicola Visiting Senior Lecturer
McMahon, Rebecca Lea Visiting Snr Research Fellow
McMullan, Emily Rebecca Visiting Senior Lecturer
Moon, Gillian Frances Visiting Snr Research Fellow
Morgan, John Kerin Adjunct Associate Professor
Myers, Matthew David Adjunct Professor
Nemes, Irene Senior Visiting Fellow
Pace, John Visiting Snr Research Fellow
Pearson, Elaine Joyce Adjunct Lecturer
Pearson, Linda Mary Adjunct Professor
Penfold, Carolyn Rachel Adjunct Associate Professor
Rares KC, Steven Adjunct Professor
Rigney, Kathryn Adjunct Lecturer
Roberts, Helen Ruth Adjunct Associate Professor
Sackville AO QC, Ronald Visiting Professor
Selikowitz, Selwyn Visiting Professor
Shearing, Clifford Visiting Professor
Shelly, Robert Steven Visiting Fellow
Squires, John Wallace Visiting Fellow
Steinwall, Ray Stanmore Lyn Adjunct Professor
Stubbs, Julie Visiting Professor
Tapp, Jonathan Clement Adjunct Lecturer
Toohey, Lisa Visiting Professor
Trichardt, Anton Petrus Adjunct Associate Professor
Tsang, Cheng-Yun Visiting Fellow
Walker, Clive Visiting Professor
Weinstein, Richard Adjunct Professor
Wood, Tamara Jane Visiting Fellow
Woods, Gregory Adjunct Professor
Zedner, Lucia Visiting Professor
Zetzsche, Dirk Andreas Visiting Professorial Fellow