Ecology and impacts of marine invaders

This program aims to address the spread and impact of marine invaders as well as developing management strategies to protect these fragile ecosystems.

Impacts of multiple stressors on marine communities

Stresses such as ocean warming and increased pollution impact the resilience and functioning of marine communities. Find out more.

Impacts of urbanisation on the diversity and functioning of coastal systems

What is the impact of urbanisation on ecological functioning within coastal systems? Find out more.

In the spotlight: impacts of artificial light at night on the marine....

This project examines how artificial night time lighting affects coastal urbanised systems.

Linking functional diversity to stress thresholds for coastal conservation

Examining soft-sediment communities, this project aims to enhance conservation strategies to protect fragile ecosystems.

Effects of climate change on Shark Bay microbial mat....

This project examines the effects of environmental disturbances, such as cyclones, on the mat systems in Shark Bay.

Adapting to coastal tropicalisation: ecosystem function implications

This project discovers new genes for antibiotic resistance using microbiological approaches. Learn more.

Global threats to ocean forests: understanding impacts of heatwaves.....

How can we protect and prevent the degradation of the kelp forests of the Great Southern Reef? Discover more.

How to make reliable high-resolution future projections for coastal regions

This project has developed the first coupled ocean and atmosphere regional model for Australia. Find out more.

Marine heatwaves in a changing world

View our research on the impact of heatwaves on marine species.

Clothes, fibres and filters that reduce pollution by micro and nano debris

This project determines how natural and plastic fibres impact ecosystems and the strategies needed to reduce fibre pollution.