The Living Seawalls project aims to investigate methods to enhance the ecological value of artificial structures in the marine environment such as seawalls and pilings. 

We're currently assessing the ecological benefits of scaling up greening interventions on seawalls by adding different types of habitat enhancing tiles to seawalls in Sydney Harbour. We're interested to address questions such as how different microhabitats on the tiles influence colonisation of marine life and at what scale Living Seawalls can enhance important ecosystem functions in Sydney Harbour, such as filtration rates and primary productivity, which are directly linked to food and clean water supply.

In 2023 to 2024, several new living seawalls sites have been installed in Australia and internationally. Additionally, new piling wraps have been developed and installed to extend biodiversity benefits of the Living Seawalls tiles to wharf pilings.

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Scientia Fellow Mariana Mayer Pinto
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Project Restore: restoration of seascapes in Sydney Harbour

This project is unique as it will restore different habitat types simultaneously and at large scales to restore seascapes in Sydney Harbour. 

In Bygone Dives: Exploring the use of recreational SCUBA diving photographs

We examine how recreational dive photographs can be used to accurately describe the species composition of dive sites.

Restoring oyster reefs to NSW

This project investigates the barriers to recovering functionally extinct Sydney Rock Oyster reefs on Australia's east coast.