The East Australian Current (EAC) is the Western Boundary Current flowing along the east coast of Australia. Far from being stable, the East Australian Current regularly meanders on and off the continental shelf, influencing the physical and biological characteristics of the water mass along the coast.

In particular, we are interested in studying frontal eddies of diameters ~20-60km, which form at the inshore edge of the EAC and propagate poleward, advecting productive water and favouring primary production.


Particle image velocimetry of surface currents

Particle image velocimetry can estimate ocean currents from the observed sea-surface temperature. Find out more.

Observation impact assessment of future high-resolution observations...

Using a numerical model, this project investigates how data-streams improve model estimates.

Observation impact assessment using data assimilation

Measuring the impact of new high-res ocean observations is essential for observing infrastructure.