Research priorities

Measuring crayweed

The Centre for Marine Science and Innovation is a world class, comprehensive research centre that focuses on coastal and temperate marine research.

Our centre provides fundamental knowledge on the functions, processes, interactions and changes in the marine environment. We use this information to aid development of innovative solutions for management, conservation and economic developments.

Our research areas

Anthropogenic and climate change impacts and interactions

View our diverse range of Anthropogenic and climate change projects–from marine invaders to clothes and fibre filters that reduce pollution.

Coastal, regional and global oceanography

Find out about our oceanography projects which focus on observational impacts across oceanography environments.

Ecological management

Discover our research areas on ecological management which ensure the long term sustainability of crucial ecosystems.

Fisheries and coastal resource management

Explore our research relating to fisheries, investigating the effects of oceanographic processes and environmental change on larval fish.

Integrated micro-/macro-biology and ecology

Read about our extensive micro and macro research projects on the ocean, exploring the intricate roles and impacts of microbes and bacteria.

Marine biotechnology and aquaculture

Fascinating research topics on aquaculture and technology, marine antibiotic resistance and antimicrobial drugs.

Science communication and outreach

Read about our research on clothing fibres to reduce micro debris from laundry and our UNSW Maths and Science Champion program.