This research project investigates how below ground process under microbial control influence the health of marine macrophytes.

In terrestrial ecosystems, the study of plant-soil feedbacks (PSFs) has revolutionised our understanding of the processes controlling interactions between plants leading to improved conservation strategies and understanding of the spread and impacts of invasive plants.

This program applies this theory to marine systems with the goal of providing similar environmental outcomes.  

Coastal microbial observatories

Our large-scale coastal microbial observatory program investigates the temporal and spatial dynamics of microbial communities in the water column. We observe sediments and coral, seaweeds, sponges and seagrasses.

Functional diversity and redundancy of marine communities

In this important project, we aim to define the assembly of microbial communities by functional properties rather than by the species. 

Microbial contribution to life in the deep sea

Despite the lack of sunlight and nutrients, many deep-sea environments are full of coral reefs and sponge gardens. We’re aiming to understand how the metabolic capacity and versatility of symbiotic bacteria support their growth.