Project Restore is a new project led by the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS), collaborating with UNSW Sydney, UTS, University of Sydney and Macquarie University. 

This project is unique as it will restore different habitat types simultaneously and at large scales to restore seascapes in Sydney Harbour. Project Restore combines existing UNSW and SIMS restoration programs such as Operation Crayweed, Operation Poisodonia, Living Seawalls and fish habitat enhancement, which to date have operated largely independently of one another, to provide a more holistic template for restoration, that can be used further afield in NSW and around the world. Project Restore also includes a strong focus on science communication and community engagement, in order to involve our wider community in restoration activities.


Scientia Fellow Mariana Mayer Pinto
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Adriana Verges measures crayweed height with a ruler while scuba diving
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