Marine environments are often exposed to a complex mix of many stressors.

In particular, ocean warming caused by climate change and the proliferation of artificial structures and increased pollution from rapid urbanisation are emerging as major stressors to coastal systems around the globe. This research program aims to determine the impacts of multiple stressors on the resilience and functioning of marine communities through manipulative experiments. Recent experiments include manipulative laboratory experiments looking at the interactive and independent effects of Artificial Light at Night and Ocean warming on sea urchin and seaweed health and functioning.


Scientia Fellow Mariana Mayer Pinto
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Ecology and impacts of marine invaders

This program aims to address the spread and impact of marine invaders as well as developing management strategies to protect these fragile ecosystems.

Impacts of urbanisation on the diversity and functioning of coastal systems

What is the impact of urbanisation on ecological functioning within coastal systems? Find out more.

In the spotlight: impacts of artificial light at night on the marine....

This project examines how artificial night time lighting affects coastal urbanised systems.