Antibiotic resistance in the marine environment

This project uses microbiological approaches to discover new genes for antibiotic resistance. Find out more.

Priming fish with microbial communities to enhance health and digestibility

We investigate aquaculture, looking at how healthy microbia develop in commercial aquaculture species and the strategies needed to promote these microbes.

Bio-prospecting marine microbial diversity for new antimicrobial drugs

Novel bioactives can be used widely to address antibiotic resistance. We examine these microbial communities to discover new therapies.

Improving technologies for inland aquaculture in Papua New Guinea

This project provides support and training for PNG farming communities, helping them to increase protein consumption through fish farming.

Improving the sustainability of rice-shrimp farming systems in the Mekong

Our research investigates risk factors in poor rice and shrimp productions and develops new technologies to improve rice and shrimp yields.