The Adult Cancer Program (ACP) was formed in 2009 and represents one of the founding members of the Lowy Cancer Research Centre at UNSW. Co-led by A/Prof Caroline Ford and Professor Jeff Holst, the ACP brings together internationally recognised teams of fundamental and clinical researchers to improve outcomes for people with cancer.

Our goals

The ACP is a community of researchers based across the UNSW Randwick campus. Our goal is to increase collaboration and take a multidisciplinary approach to develop novel ways to treat adult cancers. To achieve this goal, ACP has its own seminar series, along with a joint seminar series together with the Children’s Cancer Institute, which is also based within the Lowy Cancer Research Centre. This further facilitates interdisciplinary interactions with both researchers and clinicians at the adjacent Randwick campus (Prince of Wales Public and Private Hospitals, Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney Children’s Hospital). The ultimate goal of the ACP is to drive the translation of fundamental research into clinical trials.

Research strengths

ACP members undertake studies into a range of cancers including breast, ovarian, pancreatic, brain, leukaemia, melanoma, liver, endometrial, prostate and myelodysplastic syndrome.

Our results

A major strength of the ACP in the Lowy Cancer Research Centre is its strong relationship with key research and clinical organisations. These include the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia and the three major teaching hospitals of the adjacent Randwick Campus (Prince of Wales Hospital, Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney Children’s Hospital). The Bright Alliance, a cancer and blood disorders research, clinical teaching and patient care unit is also based at the Prince of Wales Hospital.

Through these partnerships our research is translated into tangible health outcomes for patients.