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Over the past ten years, CHETRE has worked closely with Population Health in undertaking and supporting HIAs in the local health district. In and 2014 and 2015/16 CHETRE carried out ‘Learning by Doing’ HIA training to build the capacity of organisations to carry out HIA.


This training aims to develop the knowledge and skills of participants in Health Impact Assessment.

Upon successful completion of this program participants will:

  • Be able to determine when and whether HIA is an appropriate process to undertake;
  • Be able to understand each of the steps in the conduct of an HIA including how equity is considered; and
  • Have completed a Health Impact Assessment and report.

Design and Method

The training is structured around small teams working on an HIA. Each team will conduct a HIA on a real project that they bring with them to the training.  Interested organisations can form a team by themselves or partner with other groups/organisations.

The program consists of 3 training days, 1 sharing the learning workshop, specialist mentoring from experienced HIA practitioners, facilitation of key project meetings (scoping and assessment) and help desk support from the CHETRE project team.

The training program is structured around the steps of HIA. Before the training program begins a pre-screening meeting will be set up with each group to identify and discuss project specific issues.

In between sessions 1 and 2 it is expected that participants will undertake the screening and scoping steps of their HIA; and in between sessions 2 and 3 it is expected that participants will undertake the remaining steps in the HIA. A final ‘sharing the learning’ day is held where teams present their HIA to an invited group of stakeholders.

Key Publications

Hirono, K. (2015) Evaluation of the health impact assessment learning by doing training. Liverpool: CHETRE

Wilton Junction Health Impact Assessment Working Group,  (2014) Wilton Junction Master Plan Health Impact Assessment. Wilton: Wollondilly Shire Council

South Western Sydney Local Health District, (2016) Health Impact Assessment Liverpool City Council Planning Proposal – Draft LEP 2008 Amendment No. 52. Liverpool: SWSLHD


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