Leadership & governance

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The CPHCE Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee ensures the centre is efficiently and effectively managed, particularly in relation to:

  • management of finances and other resources

  • research governance and integrity 

  • adherence to all policies and procedures of UNSW and relevant external bodies.


Committee members

Sarah Ford, UNSW Sydney

Professor Mark Harris, UNSW Sydney

A/Professor Freddy Sitas, UNSW Sydney

Professor Ilan Katz, UNSW Sydney

Dr Teresa Anderson, Sydney Local Health District

Sue Colley, South Western Sydney Local Health District

Dr Marianne Gale, South Eastern District Local Health District

Professor Nigel Lovell, Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, UNSW Sydney

Professor Rebecca Ivers, School of Population Health, UNSW Sydney

The CPHCE Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee provides strategic advice to the CPHCE on research priorities while monitoring the quality of the work being undertaken. The Committee also plays a critical function in reviewing financial and academic performance. 

Our committee is composed of representatives from all levels of government, several universities, Area Health Services, public health, general practice and community health services, as well as consumers. 

Committee membership spans interests in general practice, community health, health promotion, public health, consumer participation, intersectoral action and health service management.

The Advisory Committee meets four times per year.

Committee members

A/Professor Fiona Haigh, UNSW Sydney

Professor Evelyne de Leeuw, UNSW Sydney

Tish Bruce, NSW Ministry of Health 

Professor Mark Harris, UNSW Sydney 

A/ Professor Ben Harris-Roxas, UNSW Sydney

Tony Jackson, South Eastern Sydney Local Health 

Miranda Shaw, Sydney Local Health District 

Dr Stephen Conaty, South Western Sydney Local Health District

A/Professor Freddy Sitas, UNSW Sydney

Professor Bill Bellew, University of Sydney

Dr Christine Walker, Chronic Illness Alliance 

Regina Osten, NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation

Dr Michael Moore, Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Networks

Dr Brett Biles, Indigenous Health Education, UNSW Sydney

A/Professor Margo Barr, CPHCE, UNSW Sydney

Kathryn Thorburn, RSCH, UNSW Sydney

Dr Greg Stewart

Dr Hester Wilson, South Eastern Sydney Local Health