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The Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity (CPHCE) invites all students to undertake their PhD, Masters (coursework or research) or Independent Learning Project (ILP) with our team. 

Our education programs allow us to review our work and disseminate it to students and those working in the field, while developing the next generation of researchers.

Recent and current topics from our PhD and Masters by research students include:

  • Quantifying physical activity behaviour in a primary care setting - an instrument for measuring physical activity change in general practice
  • Ethnicity and health literacy for weight management in non-English speaking migrants attending primary health care
  • From advocacy to action: Utilising Health Impact Assessment as a tool to realise the right to health.

Our postgraduate courses within the (MPH) program are coordinated by the School of Population Health. Subjects include:

  • Principles & Practice of Primary Health Care
  • Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease
  • Inequalities, Inequities and Health
  • Health Impact Assessment
  • Policy Studies

We supervise undergraduate and honours students who undertake an Independent Learning Project (ILP) as part of their course at the UNSW Faculty of Medicine & Health. We also supervise and mentor primary health care professionals, including academic GP registrars, to further

Our centre also offers online learning modules:

  • PHC research methods for GP Registrars, available via GP Synergy
  • Obesity management, available to for PHC nurses as a free CPD course via APNA. 


Student experience

CPHCE provides unique and invaluable student experiences and opportunities to learn and refine the skills of health research across to policy and practice.