Choose your ChallENG and change the world!

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Choose your ChallENG from the pillars below and start to change the world!

The ChallENG Program consists of the following four pillars. They are exciting, real-world, project-based learning initiatives! This multidisciplinary educational approach connects students, academics and industry enabling students to develop the essential technical and professional skills so they will thrive in their future career.

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Vertically Integrated Projects

ChallENG yourself to work on research that changes the world

Uniting undergraduate education and academic research, embark on a long term team based research project enabling enriched invention and innovation!

Assistive Tech Hub

ChallENG yourself to design assistive technologies with real clients

Take part in an exciting course, providing you with the opportunity to design and prototype assistive technologies for real-world clients!

Humanitarian Engineering

ChallENG yourself to develop sustainable and appropriate solutions that improve lives.

Join the new generation of global leaders who aim to solve the greatest challenges and engineer a sustainable world.

Student Projects

ChallENG yourself to work on projects that are team competitions or helping the community

Engage in student projects and work in multi-disciplinary teams with other like-minded engineers to achieve competition goals and help communities around the world!

Engineering Social Study Hub

Engineering Social Study Hub

Calling all engineering students! Are you ready to take your studies to the next level? Look no further than our vibrant Engineering Social Study Hub – your gateway to academic excellence and meaningful connections.

EWH Virtual Innovation Exchange

Need Industrial Training and interested in improving health care delivery in the developing world?

EWH will be offering a virtual design program that will bring together students from UNSW in Australia with students from either Cambodia or Uganda. The course will focus on low-resource design and engineering for healthcare in an international setting.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The ChallENG Program is on a mission is to align all the projects on offer with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Integrating 'SDG thinking' through each of the pillars, we aim to generate the leaders of a sustainable future!

Student Information

How does The ChallENG Program work? How do I get started? What resources and support are offered to students and teams?

You'll develop the skills to impress future employers and help you land your dream job!

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