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The ChallENG Student Projects are a unique approach to project-based learning

Our Student Projects develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges! Providing an enhanced learning experience, students work in multi-disciplinary teams and gain access to leading technologies!

These will be ongoing long-term projects where students will have the potential to stay on for multiple years.

Upon graduation, our students will have experience in practical, real-world engineering projects and are equipped with the skills and competencies to make a valuable industry impact from the onset.

Students must have good academic standing to be considered.


Student Projects for Undergraduate Students

  • The Student Project application process is as follows:

    1. Visit a Student Project page here.
    2. Download the application form found on the page.
    3. Send your completed form to the email address listed on the project page.

    After applying students will be invited by the Project's Academic Advisor(s) and/or Project Team Leader to meet and discuss joining the team. This is an opportunity for students to ask questions about the project and how the team will function. Students will then receive written confirmation if they have been accepted into the team.

  • Undergraduate students can join a Student Project after their first year. 

    Students must have good academic standing to be considered. 

  • We would love to hear from you!

    We are always looking to take on new projects within the Student Projects pillar of The ChallENG Program!

    Please reach out to us by emailing with your new project idea and we will take you through the next steps!

  • If it comes to the attention of your Academic Advisor and/or The ChallENG Program team that a project is negatively impacting your studies, the ChallENG team reserves the right to get an update on your academic standing/performance and assess if you can continue working with the project.

    The ChallENG Program team, Academic Advisors and/or current team leaders can remove team members from projects if they feel they have broken the eligibility requirements or acted inappropriately in a way that is contrary to the interests of the team and UNSW.

    All students participating in teams are expected to comply with the UNSW Student Code of Conduct. The ChallENG Program reserves the right to modify, add policies, and hold students accountable for abiding by such policies. The University reserves the right to hold groups or individuals accountable for inappropriate actions not specifically listed in these standards.

  • Some of the Student Projects with the ChallENG Program are pre-authorised for Non-Traditional Industrial Training (refer to the Industrial Training student Portal to confirm). It is not guaranteed that all students that engage within the project will be eligible for Industrial Training.

    You will need to apply (Student Portal Stage 2)  for this Project before you commence so the days can count towards your Industrial Training (IT) program requirement (maximum 30 days for Non-Traditional placements).

    You will NOT be accepted into a Student Project team if your motivation to join is to get Industrial Training.

Resources and Support

The ChallENG Program team are here to support your journey!

Click through to find out more about the key resources and support offered to students and teams.

Why should I join a Student Project?

Expand your network! It's an awesome opportunity to expand your career networks and make lifelong friendships!

Level up! Student projects allow you to gain more skills through leadership and professional development training with digital badging through UNSW Making

Sound good?