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3D 4 Health

Improve lives by 3D printing futuristic medical devices.

4D Immersive Surgery

Immersive technologies are the latest platforms for real-time surgical assistance, driving the next generation of medical intervention of the future. Using AR and VR.

AI 4 Everyone

Investigate the capabilities of social robots and discover the many ways they can improve people's lives.

Assistive Tech Hub

Assistive Tech Hub makes a real impact on the lives of others. Students co-design and prototype an assistive technology with a real client with a disability to improve their lifestyle.


Design, build and run the world’s first student-led fusion reactor!


Spacecraft and space-related projects and competitions.

Biological Remediation

Development of bioreactors for sustainable treatment of polluted water resources.

Connected Health

Devise smart systems to help treat and care for chronically ill patients in the comfort of their own homes.

Deep Earth Storage

Investigate the potential of geostorage as we aim for a zero-carbon future!

Fighting Fires with Science

Join our team in creating the next-generation of technologies to safeguard our communities from the disastrous impacts of fires!

Flying Cars - Virtual Reality Simulator

Dive into the forefront of future mobility exploration with our project, employing Virtual Reality Simulators to intricately observe and analyse behaviours in Flying cars, UAVs, AVs, active mobility and cars. Experience the future of transportation through immersive insights, fostering smarter, safer, and more efficient journeys.

Mending Broken Hearts

Get involved in an international competition to design the next artificial heart!


Explore how off-world robotics, wearable technology and visualisation can bring the mining industry into the future!

Mini Solar

Push the boundaries of solar energy to power small devices.

Purple House

Join us to transform water efficient solutions in challenging environments!

R²: Robo-re-Cycle

Develop solutions for a circular economy by building automated robots to tackle the world's growing e-waste crisis.

Space Power Systems

Create innovative power systems for space missions and IoT applications.

Sunswift Racing

Design and build a solar-powered car with a team which has a rich history and proven track record!