Industry Partnerships

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Welcome to The ChallENG Program!

Partner with us and build strong relationships to recruit the best and the brightest UNSW students.

Whether you are from an industry, big or small, a not-for-profit or government organisation, play a key role in helping to develop the next generation of engineers and leaders.

There are many projects on offer and we are growing the program each year. View all ChallENG projects HERE and if any of the projects align with your business goals please contact us.

As an industry partner, you will have access to our top students, and the world-class researchers with who you may wish to collaborate with.

As engineering students, we spend hours memorising and calculating formulas, but the ability to apply these problem-solving techniques to real life situations is something that is gained when we get into the thick of the project!
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Aly Virani
UNSW Illuminate Vivid Project (2019) 4th Year - UNSW Electrical Engineering

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John Kennedy: Manager of Student Experience and Opportunities and The ChallENG Program