Vertically Integrated Projects

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Vertically Integrated Projects - A Transformative Approach in Education!

The Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program is an innovative approach to enhancing higher education by engaging undergraduate and postgraduate students in ambitious, long-term, multidisciplinary project teams that are led by UNSW researchers. 

UNSW is part of the worldwide Vertically Integrated Projects Consortium spanning 45 universities across 12 countries.

2024 VIP Consortium Innovation Competition - 1st Place WINNER

Mending Broken Hearts

The Mending Broken Hearts VIP Team is engineering a total artificial heart and is participating in the world's first Artificial Heart design challenge; Heart Hackathon.

With cardiovascular diseases claiming 17.9 million lives annually, they stand as the leading cause of death worldwide. By joining this challenge, Mending Broken Hearts strives to gain momentum in the field of biomedical engineering and inspire the next generation of artificial hearts to save countless lives.

The team has recently been invited to the finals of the Heart Hackathon, which will take place at the ISMCS Conference in Utsunomiya, Japan!

The VIP Consortium

UNSW is part of the worldwide Vertically Integrated Projects Consortium spanning 45 universities across 12 countries.

Student Information

The VIP teams are multidisciplinary and students work on long term world-changing research projects!

Where does VIP fit within my degree?

The VIP Program is an elective course or thesis project for Engineering students. 

Students from other faculties (outside Engineering) can use VIP courses as General Education electives.

Why should I join VIP?

No Final Exams! That’s right, VIP courses are assessment based

Flexible load! You can spread your 6 UoC across 3 terms, enabling a lighter load per term. You may overload to 20 UoC per term 

Sound good?

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