Global Impact Stories

Humanitarian Engineering UNSW ChallENG

UNSW has been in the Humanitarian Engineering space for over 15 years working across multiple projects, from disaster response and preparedness to long-term sustainable community development. Here we highlight some our projects from across the globe:

Solar freezer for remote Fijian communities

UNSW students designed and installed a solar powered deep freezer in a remote village off the coast of Fiji, to preserve the community's fishing catch.

Improving drought resistance in Uganda

Addressing the impact of climate change on developing nations by collaborating with locals to create sustainable solutions for water scarcity in northern Uganda.

Measuring air quality in the South Pacific

Researching the impact of air quality in Fiji and Solomon Islands, while also partnering with local government and universities to assess air quality for future intervention.

Repairing medical equipment in Uganda

UNSW students have travelled to Uganda to repair over 1,232 pieces of essential medical equipment.

Brewing up world positive coffee

UNSW students and alumni brewing up world positive coffee with farmers in Northern Uganda.

Agricultural sustainability in Nepal

UNSW academics and students research how to sustainably produce agricultural products and improve irrigation infrastructure in Nepal.

Clean water for Sri Lankan communities

Impact Engineers built a water filtration plant which provided accessible and clean drinking water for two villages in Sri Lanka.

Repairing medical equipment in Cambodia

Students help Cambodian communities by repairing pieces of much needed medical equipment at the local hospitals.

Building resilience to climate change in Tanzania

Tackling the issue of drinking water quality in Tanzania through modelling the impact of weather and climate on remote, rural and urban community water supplies.

Sustainable housing in Cambodia

UNSW Engineering and Built Environment students design and built sustainable housing and education facilities for Cambodian villages.

Empowering female entrepreneurs in India

UNSW students help to empower and up-skill female entrepreneurs in India to tackle energy poverty.

Making an impact in Myanmar

UNSW Engineering students travel to Myanmar to work with local university students on projects to install laboratory-scale industrial wastewater treatment process control systems.

Solar energy project helps remote Vanuatu villages

UNSW Engineering students and staff helping to address the basic communications and lighting needs for health and education in remote Vanuatu villages.