Benefits of Joining

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Why should I get involved?

VIP’s are transforming the way you receive your education. This unique approach to learning will allow you to expand your horizons as you work on multidisciplinary projects in a hands-on way. VIP’s teach you the interpersonal and technical skills that you typically don’t learn in your standard lecture or tutorial. This will allow you to leave university as a well-rounded and therefore more employable individual.  

Here are our top reasons why you should get involved:

1. Project-based assessment
Did somebody say ‘No Final Exam’? That’s right! The 6 UoC that you receive will be assessed based on your project work, and not a final exam

2. Skill up!
Don’t know how to laser cut? Don’t sweat it. Never used a ban-saw? Want to learn CAD? No problem... By participating in a VIP you will have access to Makerspaces enabling students to bring projects to life: 

Remember to book a Makerspace induction HERE or pop into the James N Kirby Makerspace in Willis Lane and meet the friendly staff and have a look around.

3. Work with the best
Did you know that more than 70% of all jobs are obtained through networking? Joining a VIP allows you to create meaningful connections that can develop into life-long friendships.  

4. Get recognition 
Your involvement with a VIP is significant, and therefore will be recognised! You can gain course credit for the time you put into the project development. You will also be invited to the Engineering Education Festival at the end of the year to showcase your work in front of students, academics and industry!  

5. Become a leader
Learn from UNSW’s best and brightest academics! In joining a VIP you will be able to follow in the footsteps of Australia’s leaders in engineering research. You will practice and develop your leadership and complex project management skills that prepare you for your professional career.

The VIP Consortium

UNSW is part of the worldwide Vertically Integrated Projects Consortium spanning 45 universities across 12 countries.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The ChallENG Program is on a mission is to align all the projects on offer with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.