Student Projects

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AgriCycle UNSW is collaborating with AgriCycle Uganda to convert local agricultural waste into sustainable energy and green materials. The main purpose of our project is to drive community development in the agricultural sector.

AIAA Design, Build, Fly

Students will apply a first principles engineering approach to design and build a complex RC Aircraft from the ground up and compete against the top Universities around the world.

AIAA UNSW Rocketry

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics UNSW Rocketry Student Project team is a unique opportunity for students to increase their employability in the Aerospace industry. Team members learn first-hand how to design and develop components of a high-powered rocket as well as manufacturing techniques, project management skills and complex problem-solving skills.

Drought Resistance Uganda (DRU)

DRU works with the Love Mercy Foundation and northern Ugandan communities to foster sustainable development through drought-resilient agriculture. DRU adds value through research and the development of human-centred designs based on water supply reliability, water demand reduction and weather data analysis.

Global Engineering Impact Program

Are you an engineering student looking for a unique overseas experience? Express your interest in our 6-week program focused on Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). Immerse yourself in diverse cultural and technological contexts, emphasizing the role of engineering and technology in enhancing quality of life. Gain hands-on experience diagnosing and repairing medical equipment in local hospitals while appreciating the host country's culture.

Redback Racing

Design. Build. RACE.

Apply your coursework by designing and manufacturing a full-sized racing car! Compete with the team in Formula SAE – the largest student engineering design competition in the world!


By joining RehabENG, each student will get the chance to work on an impactful, hands-on assistive technology project with a tangible result, and join a community of like-minded students, academics, partners and industry professionals across the biomedical field.