Disease events are increasingly impacting critical marine habitats. This project will examine the role of marine fungi in health and disease of keystone organisms in coastal ecosystems, including macroalgae, seagrasses, sponges and corals. This ground-breaking project will undertake a multi-organism assessment of disease events and determine the underlying role of microbial interactions in disease progression. In doing so, this project aims to provide insight and offer solutions to the global problem of emerging marine diseases, a topic that has increasing importance in the face of climate change, urbanisation and other human impacts on marine ecosystems.


Associate Professor | Postgraduate Coordinator Suhelen Egan
Associate Professor | Postgraduate Coordinator
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Ideal candidate:

This project requires an outstanding graduate with a strong academic record, including an Honours Class I or equivalent and experience in research publishing. The ideal candidate has a strong interest in marine biology, disease processes, conservation and/or microbial ecology. Graduates with a background in microbiology and molecular biology are ideal; however, candidates from a biomedical background with an interest in microbial ecology are also encouraged to apply. Experience in microbial ecology and bioinformatics is an advantage.