Asian studies

Rows of colorful glowing red Chinese lanterns hanging high at temple ground during Chinese New Year Celebrations at Thean Hou Temple, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Investigate the impact of the Asian region from a global standpoint  

Asian studies at the School of Humanities & Languages is an interdisciplinary area of study distinguished by its “all Asia” approach. Centred around modern societies, cultures and historical traditions, we aim to show you the impact of the Asian region from a global standpoint.  

Asian studies combines perspectives and approaches from multilingual specialists in areas such as history, politics, international relations, social policy and health, philosophy, and cultural studies and media. You’ll gain a broad understanding of the region and Australia’s place within it, as well as specialist knowledge of a particular country or region of your choice.

Discover Asia’s rich history & culture  

We offer an exciting array of courses to help you understand the complexity of the history, politics, and culture of the Asian region. Our courses cover Australia’s Asian context, modern India, Asian popular culture, politics and security in Asia, Chinese media cultures, Japanese history, and across the Silk Road. You’ll participate in critical analysis of the literature and scholarship of Asia, developing a thorough appreciation of the rich diversity of Asian societies.

Build a career with expert knowledge  

Our graduates develop a thorough knowledge of Asia and are well equipped for international and cross-cultural careers in business, government, NGOs, education, media and the arts. With rapid economic growth in the region and Australia’s increasing integration with Asia, Asian studies will prepare you with a solid foundation for building a career with international impact.  

Forge important links domestically & internationally 

Our staff are involved in research and teaching collaborations with numerous organisations and universities in Asia, and also actively cooperate with Australian-based organisations promoting the study of Asian languages and culture, including The Asian Studies Association of Australia and The Asia Education Foundation.  

Students also participate in activities hosted at the Lowy Institute and the Australian Institute for International Affairs. You’ll also have the opportunity for international exchange in countries as diverse as Indonesia, China, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore and Malaysia.