Cinema studies

Students at UNSW Sydney Kensington campus

What is cinema studies?

Cinema studies allows you to hone your critical voice by deepening your understanding of the intersections between popular entertainment, politics and aesthetics. Courses in cinema studies at UNSW enable you to delve into the historical and cultural contexts of film and related industries. The course will provide you with an international perspective on the history of film and its place in the global media landscape.

Why choose cinema studies at UNSW?

Specialising in cinema studies as part of your Bachelor of Media at UNSW will equip you with the theoretical, historical, and cultural frameworks to understand how and why moving image cultures continue to shape global media industries.

By studying the historical, social, economic, and political contexts of cinema, you’ll engage in forms of film analysis that apply critically informed and ethically based approaches to the art and industry of moviemaking. 

Careers in cinema studies

When you graduate, you’ll be ready for a wide range of career pathways in creative and cultural industries.

Careers in cinema studies 
  • Film critic

  • Journalist

  • Festival programmer 

  • Film distributor 

  • Advertising

  • Policy

  • Education