Discover our high-impact postgraduate subject areas from UNSW School of Education. Our extensive range of postgraduate research study options are designed to help you become a critical contributor in the improvement of learning and research in education. You can choose to pursue your passion and help excel your career in dynamic subject areas including curriculum and assessment; educational policy and leadership; educational psychology; higher education and more.

Curriculum & assessment

Curriculum and assessment offers qualified teachers and education specialists the opportunity to improve student learning. Explore the context, purpose and role of curriculum and assessment.

Educational policy & leadership

Educational policy and leadership is the postgraduate study of choice for professional educators who want to gain a sharper understanding of modern educational leadership.  Explore educational politics, policy, organisations and leadership from a broadly critical perspective.  

Educational psychology

Educational psychology is one of only four accredited courses in the country. Our postgraduate study offers innovative professional development programs to catapult your teaching career to the next level.

Gifted education

Gifted education allows you to gain critical skills in the fields of education, counselling, psychology, research and policymaking. Our course instructors make use of the latest research findings to help students apply their learning to real-life educational contexts. 

Special & inclusive education

Special and inclusive education at UNSW is the postgraduate study of choice for teachers looking to advance their career and make a real impact in the lives of special needs children and students with learning disabilities. 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Language and literacy education, including TESOL, focuses on the teaching and learning of the English language in both English-speaking and non-English-speaking nations. You’ll understand the implications of pedagogy, curriculum design and assessment and evaluation in schools, community organisations and higher education institutions.