Global development

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Leading-edge solutions for global challenges 

The UNSW School of Social Sciences has a unique interdisciplinary approach to investigating and providing solutions for the dynamic issues facing our world today. Global Development studies is essential for providing answers to the world’s most complicated questions in a time when urbanisation is accelerating, environmental health is declining, disparities are widening and communications and technologies never stand still. 

Study opportunities with real-world impact 

Our students investigate some of the most critical issues in the world today. These involve development, poverty, inequality and environmental sustainability. You’ll learn the conceptual and analytical tools required to understand and negotiate the complexity of global development so that you can add to the conversation in a meaningful way.

Gain the practical skills that matter 

The study of global development offers a convergence of subject areas, which opens the door to a broad scope of career pathways. You can become an advocate, activist or a practitioner of change.

The UNSW School of Social Sciences offers three global development in practice courses where you’ll develop the skills, learn the vocabulary and acquire the dispositions to become an effective and ethical development practitioner. To prepare you for a career dedicated to changing the world for the better, we also provide internship opportunities with key organisations.

Learn from academics at the grassroots 

Our team of academics are at the front line of development practice, from local community development to international organisations. We bring real-world experience and expertise to your educational progression. 

In addition to the extensive advocacy work undertaken by the Centre for Refugee Research, members of our staff work with community-based organisations, NGOs, think tanks and a range of civil society-based organisations. We also support a range of civil society bodies, including the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and CARE Australia.

Graduate into a world of diverse opportunities 

Graduating in global development at UNSW opens the door to a multitude of career options and equips you with the skillset to perform in a wide variety of roles. Our graduates are in a strong position to pursue career paths with government and non-government organisation such as:  

  • DFAT  
  • Australian Council for International Development  
  • Coffey International Development 
  • GRM International 
  • Oxfam 
  • United Nations 
  • World Bank 
  • Amnesty International 
  • CARE Australia.