Media studies

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What is media studies?

Gain critical skills in understanding the pivotal role of media in contemporary life by specialising in media studies during your Bachelor of Media at UNSW. Media is fundamental to life, culture, politics, and history, acting as a tool for information and communication for communities across the globe. Through taking a critical approach to today’s media landscape, media studies at UNSW will allow you to sharpen your focus on real-world issues surrounding justice, race, and ethics. This approach to studying the media will guide you in building a firm foundation of knowledge through debates and discussions on how we communicate to the masses, what the history of media has taught us, and how we create a better media landscape for tomorrow.  

Why study media studies at UNSW?

During your media studies programs at UNSW, you’ll learn how to demonstrate creativity, rigour, adaptability, independence and cultural reflexivity in the application of media studies concepts and methods. On top of this, you will be able to critically analyse the evolving media landscape in relation to historical, social, political, material, and theoretical contexts, including settler colonialism. Deploying a critically informed approach, you’ll dive deep into hot topics, including ethics, justice, and social engagement in media practices, industries, and contexts. With a dedicated and diverse community by your side, you’ll be empowered to collaborate effectively with local and international practitioners across media contexts. 

Careers in media studies

You'll graduate ready to work across the media industries with the critical knowledge and skills you need to adapt to whatever the future brings. With an array of research methods and analytical techniques in your toolkit, you’ll be able to stand out professionally with a combination of critical and creative skills and knowledges.

Careers in media

  • Digital media
  • Digital production
  • Public relations
  • Content producer
  • Communications expert
  • Media production