Translation & interpreting

Students learning at the translation booth room at UNSW Kensignton campus.

Contributing to cross-cultural communication 

Interpreters and translators work in domestic and international settings to enable communication between speakers of different languages. Our programs offer specialised courses in the main areas of interpreting (legal, medical, community and conference) and translation (media, technology and specialised fields). Our students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in competent interpreting and translation practice in the domestic and international markets and to make informed, ethical choices as professionals.


Our programs are endorsed by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI), making our graduates eligible to sit the NAATI certification examinations.

Learn from experts in the field 

Our teaching is informed by applied research, relevant theoretical principles and contemporary pedagogical approaches to interpreting and translation education and training. Our staff are experienced practitioners and world-renowned researchers. 

Those interested can choose the research stream in our Master program that can qualify them to pursue further study through a higher research degree (Master by research or PhD).

State of the art facilities

Our facilities include: up to date language laboratories, conference interpreting facilities, remote interpreting equipment and translation technology software.

Develop career-ready skills with work integrated learning  

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is an essential part of translation and interpreting study at UNSW. Our students have the opportunity to provide expertise to real clients with real needs while securing valuable hands-on experience. Practical industry experience include: internal school projects, interdisciplinary collaborations with other university departments, external clients such as small businesses, event organisers and international organisations. This practical experience will bridge the gap between academic studies and industry practice.

Links with industry and the international community

UNSW is an affiliate member of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT), and a member of CIUTI, the international association of interpreting and translation universities.

Our students have opportunities to do internships with international organisations, such as ACAP and CCAMLR.


  • Our suite of postgraduate programs provides a contemporary and well-rounded education in translation and interpreting, combining theoretical, practical and professional courses. Our offerings are flexible as full-time and part-time programs and in online and face-to-face modes. You can also move between programs to upgrade your Graduate Certificate or Diploma into a Master’s program. 

    You’ll be provided with a learner-centred environment where you'll acquire academic and professional interpreting and translation skills, as well as transferable skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. Our programs are set in translation and interpreting theoretical frameworks and based on current research findings. 

    You’ll gain relevant professional and technical skills developed through professional and practical courses, including a course exclusively dedicated to professional practice, which incorporates collaboration with the industry. Career opportunities are diverse, with interpreting and translation services required in a variety of domestic and international settings, including health, legal, business, diplomatic, academic and language technology sectors.

    Program options 

    We offer all the programs in English and seven different languages, including Chinese (Mandarin), French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. Select courses are run in English only and can be taken by students of any language combination as non-award courses. If your language is not included in the above, please get in touch with us to express your interest.

  • Further your education and extend your expertise with postgraduate research. We supervise Doctor of Philosophy and Masters by Research students in translation and interpreting studies.

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