This report examines gendered occupational segregation in Australia, using the 2021 Census of Population and Housing and the 2021 Survey of Employee Earnings and Hours. The analysis builds a new understanding of which occupations are highly feminised in Australia, and their workforce characteristics including pay levels and pay setting arrangements. The data driven approach provides unprecedented granularity, revealing segregation in occupational units within industry classes. It identifies 29 large occupations affected by high levels of feminisation, where undervaluation and pay inequities are most likely to occur. It also identifies 13 modern awards used to set pay in these 29 large, highly feminised occupations.

We hope our bibliographies provide a useful resource for policymakers, clinicians and researchers interested in gaining an overview of literature on drug law reform, supervised injecting facilities and prison treatment. 

The work was commissioned by the Fair Work Commission, Australia's workplace relations tribunal and released via a President’s Statement.

Findings are being used by the Commission, government agencies, advocates and scholars. The report has helped to define the Commission’s pay equity research program and approach to intervening to address gender pay equity, and is informing the 2023-24 Modern Awards Review. 

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