The Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) program is designed to help people with mental illness access clinical mental health services linked to psychosocial rehabilitation and secure housing. It also aims to assist people to participate in community life and help consumers improve their quality of life. 

Two evaluations were conducted: an assessment of the initial pilot and a full review of all stages of the HASI Program.  

The evaluations cover all aspects of the program, including context, operational effectiveness, models, cost-effectiveness and partnerships. The evaluations report against the following five themes: Aims and objectives; Economic analysis; Models; Analysis of Existing Policy; and Partnerships.

Research Centre

Social Policy Research Centre

Research Area

Disability | Policy Design, Impact and Evaluation

NSW Ministry of Health

  • Peter Abelson (Applied Economics)
  • Michael Bleasdale (People With Disability Australia)
  • Klas Johansson (ARTD)
  • Phillip Mitchell (School of Psychiatry)
  • Edwina Pickering (Disability Studies and Research Centre)
  • Former Staff: David Abelló, Cassandra Bourne, Jasmine Bruce, Ann Dadich, Kristy Martire, Shannon McDermott, Alan Morris, Kristy Muir, Kate Norris, Ioana Ramia, Kelly Sutherland, Denise Thompson, Sarah Yallop

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