The Swiss government are currently considering different cannabis regulatory options. They are particularly interested in evidence-based regulations that may produce the best possible public health outcomes within a legal cannabis regulatory regime.

DPMP has been commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office for Public health to conduct a comprehensive review of the evidence on alcohol and tobacco control. This review aims to identify measures and market structures from the fields of alcohol and tobacco regulation that have proven successful in terms of a public health approach and may be transferable to cannabis policy.

This project is also concerned with alcohol or tobacco interventions that achieve one of the following aims:

  • Prevent high-risk consumption of alcohol or tobacco
  • Reduces harms among those consuming alcohol or tobacco at high risk levels
  • Prevents underage use of alcohol and/or tobacco
  • Protects third parties.

The review will provide commentary on how well each measure or structure may be applied to cannabis.

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Social Policy Research Centre

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Drug Policy Modelling Program

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