A constant current source is used to charge various unknown capacitors. Datalogging equipment is used to measure voltage with respect to time.


  • Understand that capacitors hold charge
  • Develop an understanding of the relationship between charge, time and voltage
  • Understand how to add capacitors in series and parallel
  • Improve knowledge of practical circuits

Links to Stage 6 Physics Syllabus Content


  • Conduct investigations to describe and analyse qualitatively and quantitatively:
    • Processes by which objects become electrically charged (ACSPH002)

PH11-11/Electric Circuits:

  • Investigate the flow of electric current in metals and apply models to represent current. (ACSPH038). 
  • Investigate qualitatively and quantitatively series and parallel circuits to relate the flow of current through the individual components, the potential differences across those components and the rate of energy conversion by the components to the laws of conservation of charge and energy, by deriving the following relationships. (ACSPH038, ACSPH039, ACSPH044)