Uses specialised calorimeters and data logging equipment to measure the specific heat and latent heat of fusion of water.


  • Develop an understanding of the difference in heat and temperature.
  • Understand the concepts of heat capacity and latent heat.

Links to Stage 6 Physics Syllabus Content


  • Explain the relationship between the temperature of an object and the kinetic energy of the particles within it. (ACSPH018).
  • Explain the concept of thermal equilibrium. (ACSPH022).
  • Analyse the relationship between the change in temperature of an object and its specific heat capacity through the equation: (ACSPH020).
  • Investigate energy transfer by the process of:

             - Conduction
             - Convection
             - Radiation (ACSPH016)

  • Conduct an investigation to analyse qualitatively and quantitatively the latent heat involved in a change of state.
  • Model and predict quantitatively energy transfer from hot objects by the process of thermal conductivity.
  • Apply the following relationships to solve problems and make quantitative predictions in a variety of situations: