Industrial design

ADA students in the Design Futures Lab

What is industrial design?

Industrial design is the professional practice of designing the products we use every day. Sometimes known as product designers, industrial designers explore solutions to make sure products meet their marketing, manufacturing, and functional requirements. 

Industrial design combines design-thinking, knowledge of materials, production technologies, human factors, and sustainability to create products that lead to a better quality of life.

Why study industrial design at UNSW?

When you study Industrial Design at UNSW, you’ll be inspired and challenged to use insightful and strategic product design for the good of people and the planet. 

Through practical studio classes and theoretical courses, you’ll explore design thinking and methodologies. With an ethical and sustainable approach, you’ll develop professional design skills in drawing, ideation, making, and prototyping as you learn about manufacturing technology, materials, sustainability, user interaction and more. 

As part of our creative Arts, Design & Architecture community, you’ll be encouraged to collaborate across disciplines, gain professional experience, and take advantage of programs that support entrepreneurship and innovation. Through our strong industry links, you’ll be able to gain real-world professional experience and connect with design leaders. As a graduate of Industrial Design, you’ll also be eligible for membership with the Design Institute of Australia (DIA).

Careers in industrial design

Industrial design sets you up for diverse careers that combine innovation and creativity, with technology, manufacturing, and business. Your understanding of and experience across the breadth of the design process will set you up for successful and diverse careers, including: 

  • Product designer or design engineer within a consultancy or an in-house team designing consumer products, transport, scientific, medical, furniture, lighting, sports, telecommunications, wayfinding, point-of-purchase display and more
  • 3D product modeler, renderer, or visualiser
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) draftsperson
  • Colour, Materials and Finishes (CMF) designer
  • Product branding, product development, and marketing strategist
  • Packaging design technologist
  • User experience and interaction (UX/UI) designer
  • Ergonomist or human factors engineering specialist
  • Service designer
  • Systems designer
  • Industrial design manager
  • Technical product manager
  • Chief design officer
  • Designer-maker