Integrated design

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What is integrated design?

This specialisation offers an interdisciplinary approach to design in which the skills and knowledge of a number of studio areas are brought together, whether integrated as an individual designer or as a design team. In a rapidly changing world, this approach to design equips you for complex and creative problem solving across diverse industries, as well as developing a unique and individual design career.

Why study integrated design at UNSW?

Integrated design at UNSW is a studio based and research-led university experience. You will develop skills in concept development, making, critical thinking , technology, research, and management, leading you to a diverse range of careers. 

As part of a passionate, driven and connected community at UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture (ADA), you will combine creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation with the ethical, environmental and cultural responsibilities you have as a designer. You will put theory into practice by applying critical thinking and design methodologies to a range of professional experiences.

Careers in integrated design

As an integrated designer you will use creative thinking to lead positive change across a range of industries. Your innovation, problem-solving skills, technological capability and agility will find you in demand, and prepare you for the careers of the future. Careers in Integrated Design include: 

  • Design: including graphic design and illustration, experience design, object design, textile design,  jewellery design, furniture design, animation, industrial and product design, service design and more. 
  • Communications and marketing: including digital marketing and advertising, media production, public relations, social media, film, and even communications within large organisations.
  • Technology: including web design, system design, user interface development, game development, app development, and virtual reality technologies.