Screen production

Students in class at the Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab

What is screen production?

Screen Production covers courses in digital film production, media performance, sound design, screen writing, animation, games, and virtual reality to prepare you for your career and allow you to pursue your passions in the creative arts. 

You’ll explore emerging ideas and developments and look for novel ways to approach planning and production, acquiring creative and professional skills relevant to current and emerging Australian and international media industry contexts. 

Along the way, you’ll develop a sophisticated understanding of the audio-visual media landscape, becoming a thoughtful and resourceful professional capable of tackling complex issues through your integrated practical and theoretical expertise.

Why study screen production at UNSW?

Specialising in Screen Production for your Bachelor of Media at UNSW equips you with the skills, knowledge, and capabilities to pursue a creative career in media production. As you practice, you’ll build a portfolio of audio-visual work to leverage professionally. 

You’ll have access to advanced multimedia labs, editing suites, digital video production and post-production facilities, and animation and audio production studios. You’ll learn using industry-standard video cameras, audio recorders, microphones, lights, dollies and gimbals, and advanced editing software. These facilities include our unique Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab, which has a computer-controlled system for the perfect performance environment. 

As a UNSW Media student, you have the option to enrol in a work-integrated learning course and gain credit points towards your degree. We offer a range of internship and placement opportunities, so you can put theory into practice and gain valuable professional experience. 

Careers in screen production

As a graduate of the Screen Production specialisation in the Bachelor of Media at UNSW, you’ll be equipped with industry-ready experience and broad knowledge that will lay the foundation for diverse and exciting roles and careers in Australia or overseas. When you graduate, you’ll be skilled in media production as well as at interpreting and reflecting on emerging audio-visual practices, and you be able to take on imaginative, inventive, and leading roles in the creative industries. 

Because UNSW is a community of entrepreneurs, you’ll have access to programs, partnerships and facilities that support start-up aspirations, allowing you to pursue diverse avenues for your media career.

Career opportunities in screen production

  • Video and sound producer
  • Screenwriter
  • Animator
  • Filmmaker
  • Interactive media designer
  • Advertising creative
  • Film and television producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Production manager


  • We offer the below undergraduate courses with a specialisation in screen production:

    In addition to the above courses, we offer the below undergraduate single degrees with a minor in screen production:


  • Honours is an extra year of study that offers you a chance to develop your research and professional skills guided by staff who are passionate about research and the development of new researchers.

  • With a dual emphasis and carefully considered balance between theory and practice, our postgraduate coursework degrees are perfect for those who want to expand their professional opportunities and potential by learning new skills or consolidating their existing knowledge. Our postgraduate degrees are also suitable for those wanting to switch careers and re-skill.    

    Master of Journalism & Communication

    This postgraduate coursework degree will equip graduates to become an expert across diverse areas and topics in journalism, communication, public relations and digital media. You’ll develop flexible journalistic content creation skills in various news formats, resulting in a portfolio of work suitable for presentation to future employers. 

    Master of Public Relations & Advertising

    Students enrolling in a Master of Public Relations and Advertising will acquire a versatile range of tactical, strategic and creative skills and knowledge, informed by a sound understanding of key trends, dynamics and patterns in the global media and communications landscape. 

    Master of Public Relations & Advertising and Master of Design

    This unique dual postgraduate coursework degree allows students to graduate with two separate degrees, a Master of Public Relations and Advertising and a Master of Design. Graduates are well-rounded communication professionals known for their creativity, innovation, intellectual ability and strategic thinking.

  • As a PhD student, you’ll work with highly regarded academics who are international leaders in their specialised fields of research.  

    We’ll provide you with expertise and supervision for Honours and Doctor of Philosophy programs in a range of research areas. These include areas of study such as digital media, journalism, public relations, practice-based research, media and social transformation, media, philosophy and cultural theory, global media, visual communication, media audiences, and media and culture in postcolonial societies.