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Field Education is an integral component of the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours). The Field Education capstone course offers you the opportunity to develop practical skills under the qualified supervision of approved human service organisations.

What’s involved in the Social Work placement?

Your final placement allows you to bring together theoretical and skills-based learning in a practice setting. You'll be partnered with a qualified social worker in a human services agency where you'll receive practice-based education that meets the Australian Association of Social Work (AASW) Practice Standards. Placements are completed in diverse contexts of practice such as hospitals, state and federal government departments and non-government community-based organisations.

Supported by experienced supervisors who encourage critical reflection, you'll be expertly guided through a development process that focuses on knowledge, skills and values relevant to social work. We prioritise your learning and professional goals through collaboration and consultation to find the right placement allocation for you.

For Level 4 placements, we provide exciting opportunities in rural and international settings. Social work interventions may include policy, research, counselling, casework and community work. You'll also develop general social work skills through these placements, which are transferable to all social work contexts.

Field Education course types

In the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours), there are two Field Education courses:

1) Social Work Practice Level 3 Placement

SOCW3012SOCW3013 (18 units of credit)

Level 3 Placement is a 70-day placement that starts at the end of January and runs four days a week (Monday to Thursday) until early June. During the term, you’ll attend university Tutorials and Placement Integration Seminars (usually on Fridays).

2) Social Work Practice Level 4 Placement

SOCW4017SOCW4018 (18 units of credit)

Level 4 Placement is a 70-day placement that starts at the beginning of July and runs four days a week (Monday to Thursday) until mid-November. During the term, you'll attend Honours and Placement Integration Seminars on Fridays.

UNSW Social Work Field Educators’ Induction

The UNSW Social Work Field Educators’ Induction offers an intensive online induction for supervisors providing supervision to social work students. Successful completion of this course will significantly enhance your professional competence and efficacy of supervising placement students and you'll receive a certificate of recognition from UNSW Sydney.

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