Alisa Zheng

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies

After learning that an Actuary uses maths and stats to analyse financial risk, Alisa knew the career was right for her. She liked that Actuarial Studies combined her favourite subjects and applied them to real-life finance and business problems.

Choosing a university was easy for Alisa. She knew she wanted to be among the best and brightest classmates in Australia - and from around the world. UNSW Business School's highly ranked Bachelor of Actuarial Studies met her criteria, and as a bonus, it would give her credit towards professional qualifications.

As a student, Alisa thought she would only be doing case studies from banks and insurance companies. She was pleasantly surprised to learn that actuarial techniques apply to many other industries.

"Being able to model and analyse data is such a diverse tool and these skills can be transferred from predicting customer behaviour all the way to modelling the movement of participants in a welfare system."

Despite studying one of the most challenging degrees in the Business School, Alisa found plenty of time to take part in University life.

She was an active member of the Actuarial Studies Society (ASOC) where she held various roles including being a part of subcommittees, IT directorship and Vice President Internal.

She also interned in the Actuarial team at PwC and was a quantitative analyst intern at Calibre Financial Technology, a fintech start-up.

Since graduating, Alisa has joined the Actuarial team at PwC as an associate and is working towards gaining her full accreditation with the Actuaries Institute of Australia.

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