Many of our courses have online learning components to provide students with a contemporary learning experience and greater flexibility in accessing course materials. Online learning has many benefits but does require some preparation, such as time management and planning. 

To be prepared for online learning, it is important that you: 

  • Understand the expectations around online learning and dedicate some time to engaging with the course online activities. If you’re unsure about what is expected of you, reach out to your course lecturer to get further information. 
  • Have access to suitable technology to support your online study. This includes computer equipment, software and internet access. The University provides free wireless internet and can assist you with some software, printer access on-campus, storage for your files, and purchasing computer equipment. The IT Service Centre for Students provides comprehensive information on the services and support available to you. The Library also provides computers and loan laptops if you need a computer to work on.  
  • Build a study plan. While online learning is very convenient, it does require some planning to ensure you have the time to stay on schedule and the space to study undisrupted. You can access further tips on studying online at UNSW’s Orientation for Online Students