Human Resource Management

Manage a Company’s Most Valuable Asset - Its People 

The success of any organisation is highly dependent on its workforce. Human Resource Management (HRM) is the strategic approach to managing an organisation’s employees. HRM provides a strong practical and theoretical grounding in the policies and processes involved in the management of people at work.  

HRM is based on the idea that people are an organisation’s most valued asset, and effective and responsible HR practices provide a foundation for any organisation’s success. The HRM major looks at issues such as employee engagement, performance management, employment relations, learning and development, organisational change, health and safety, international HRM and organisational behaviour. 

Gain Professional Recognition  

Completion of the Human Resource Management major successfully meets the criteria for accreditation by the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)

Your Career Opportunities 

Explore a wide range of roles in Human Resource Management, including: 

  • Employment Relations Consultant 
  • Human Resources Coordinator 
  • Human Resources Advisor 
  • Learning and Development Officer 
  • People and Culture Specialist 
  • Recruitment Officer 
  • Remuneration Officer 
  • Staff Development Officer 
  • Training Coordinator