Office of the DVC

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Our Division supports the UNSW community to encourage and maintain an environment and culture that reflects its values of fairness, integrity, safety and ethical decision making.

Our focus is to use and align the expertise within the Division to think differently, continuously improve and partner with the Faculties and Divisions to provide leadership and drive change that supports the University to deliver.  We build systems and processes that mitigate regulatory impacts and support good governance and decision-making practices across the University.

The Division was established in July 2020 with the appointment of the DVC, Professor George Williams AO and currently includes:

Conduct & Integrity,
Countering Foreign Interference,
Heath & Safety,
Internal Audit,
Legal & Compliance,
Records & Archives,
Strategic Projects and Operations Team (SPOT), and 

2024 Strategy

Our vision is that our Division is recognised as an engaging, helpful and collaborative unit which provides critical advice and support to staff, students and the UNSW community in delivering the University plans for 2024.

Our mission is for the Division to be a role model in our ability to work together, support and encourage each other whilst having fun and understanding that the wellbeing of our staff and our colleagues is essential for us to succeed and achieve our goals.


The Chancellery, Kensington Campus



Office of DVC -

Deputy Vice Chancellor – Professor George Williams AO

E.A./Project Officer – Sally Poole

Director of Operations – Sharmaine Gewohn

Executive Officer – Kerri Manika

Administration and Operations Officer – Lucy Butterworth

Administrator - Marlon Cabrera

Education Lead - David Bloustein

Digital Learning Designer - John Marshman

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit function acts as an independent strategic and valued advisor who seeks to provide a balance between compliance and risk-focused assurance that delivers a consistent level of service to a wide range of stakeholders.  They carry out internal audit reviews, investigations and provide project assurance across key areas in the University.

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Strategic Projects and Operations Team (SPOT)

The SPOT team is responsible for driving change initiatives that solve key challenges at UNSW – akin to a SWAT team that will work with faculties and divisions and other functions, to identify and implement solutions.  

They provide the VC, faculties and divisions with the team of specialist experts, assist in building capability within UNSW by creating new learning pathways and work to reduce inefficiency and increase performance across UNSW. 

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