12 August – 12 September 2021

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ADAnow is a digital showcase that brings to life our new faculty’s vision: through creativity, collaboration and inclusion, we seek and solve problems to improve life on earth. 

Featuring a diverse range of thinkers and creators, the online program includes art exhibitions, podcasts, music recordings, lectures, panel conversations, and research stories.  

Let us know what you’ve enjoyed - and what’s inspired you.  

Professor Claire Annesley, Dean, UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture


University of the Future

Past | The Innovation Hub and UNSW Founders held a Pitch Night featuring student teams from ADA, tackling the question - How might we reimagine, reinvent or reconfigure the university of the future?

Gene Willsford UTZON Lecture: Professor Penny Sparke

On Demand | Nature Inside: From domestic décor to climate change. Professor Sparke will explore the history of how architects and designers have brought nature into indoor spaces.


Luminocity showcases our best undergraduate student work from the School of Built Environment. Immerse yourself in this atmospheric digital experience that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.
Online exhibition

Intersectionality, refugee women and girls: From theory to practice

On Demand | Hear from Adjunct Associate Professor Eileen Pittaway, Dr Linda Bartolomei, and a panel of women from refugee backgrounds.

The Future of Justice

On Demand | Philosopher Michael Sandel, theologian Rowan Williams and author/filmmaker Mary Zournazi – How can humility, grace and gratitude help us chart a course for justice?

On Consent

On Demand | Chanel Contos, Yumi Stynes and Avani Dias – It’s 2021 and we’re still talking about consent.

Creative Destruction

On Demand | French economist Philippe Aghion and UNSW economist Richard Holden – Is creative destruction the answer to capitalism’s post COVID-19 existential crisis?

On Creativity

On Demand | Prof Pasi Sahlberg, Lynette Wallworth & Jessie Tu - How can we nurture innovation and creativity to face 21st century challenges, and allow space for creative thinking?

Social Sciences Week

Social Sciences Week is a series of events held across Australia during the second week of September. UNSW will be participating again this year, this time digitally.


UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture – Shape the future through creativity 

Our creative, diverse faculty through our students’ eyes.

The responsibility of narrative

Anneke Jaspers shares why there is more to curating an exhibition than what meets the eye. 

Memory – School of Humanities & Languages 

Dr Natalia Ortiz questions the fragility of our identity, emotions, and sense of belonging while living in a foreign country.

My Grandmother was a Soviet spy

Professor Ludmila Stern discusses the connection between her research on Soviet intellectuals and her own grandmother who was imprisoned in the 1930s. 

Shelter: What do we need from the next generation of designers?

Dr Mark Ian Jones discusses the future of design and architecture and how designers need to ask themselves, 'do we need this'?

Decreasing temperature and energy poverty in our cities 

Through High-Performance Architecture, Professor Mattheos Santamouris tackles climate problems affecting most of the population of the world.

UNSW School of the Arts & Media

See a glimpse into the lives of our media, creative and performing arts students at UNSW School of the Arts & Media. 

Alumni profile –
Gerwyn Davies

Gerwyn Davies' photographs explore the expression of camp as an aesthetic strategy in photographic self-representation. 

Alumni profile – 
Aymeric Maudous

From little things, big things grow. After studying a Master of Environmental Management at UNSW, Aymeric Maudous founded his own company, Lord of the Trees. 

Alumni profile – 
Elizabeth Greenhalgh

UNSW Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts alumna Elizabeth Greenhalgh, discusses her role as Music Programmer at ABC Classic and her love for radio.

What I wish I knew – Thoughts from UNSW alumni 

We asked our inspiring UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture alumni for their advice to inspire our community – what they wish they knew when studying and starting their career. 


Ask a Social Scientist – Podcast series 

If you have a difficult problem to solve, ask a social scientist!

With new episodes released daily throughout Social Sciences Week from 6 – 12 September, this series is hosted by Associate Professor Siobhan O’Sullivan and features 10 academics from across ADA.

Episode 1 featured below is with our very own Dean, Professor Claire Annesley.

Listen to the rest of the episodes on SoundCloud.

    • Gendered violence | Professor Jan Breckenridge
    • Adapting to online learning during COVID | Professor Andrew Martin
    • The politics of listening | Associate Professor Tanja Dreher
    • Corruption in the building industry | Professor David Sanderson
    • What’s underground? | Dr Marilu Zurita
    • Apartment Living | Associate Professor Hazel Easthope
    • China | Dr Ian McArthur
    • Rapid research responses to COVID | Dr Kari Lancaster
    • Animal Studies scholars | Associate Professor Siobhan O’Sullivan

UNSW Music – Winter Flowers

A selection of remixes from students in Creative Sound Technologies. Original song ‘Winter Flowers’ by the Virtual Jazz Collective.

Listen to the full playlist on SoundCloud.


Read & Learn

Inside Your Head

Quick fire questions for each of the six Heads of School at UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture - a chance to hear about our great successes, our aspirations and motivations for the future.

UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture launches Indigenous Strategy

The new ADA Indigenous Strategy outlines a blueprint for Indigenous determination and empowerment in the faculty.

Living With Purpose and Designing from Country

#Lives With Purpose | Architect Craig Kerslake, Wiradjuri man and UNSW alum talks about his study and career journey, First Australian culture and his commitment to giving back to Country.
Alumni profile

Small towns need big focus on resilience

It aims to be the most sustainable Games in history, but will Tokyo 2020 break the Olympic record?
Newsroom story

The art of curation

Anneke Jaspers shares why there is more to curating an exhibition than meets the eye.
Newsroom story

New report: COVID-19 widens Australia's stark health income gap

UNSW Sydney and ACOSS release a report showing the relationship between income and health, as major inequities in the vaccine rollout emerge.
Newsroom story

Will the Tokyo Olympics win gold for sustainability?

It aims to be the most sustainable Games in history, but will Tokyo 2020 break the Olympic record?
Newsroom story

How learning another language shapes the new you

There are many benefits to learning a language beyond being a useful skill or hobby.
Newsroom story

Future Makers

The School of Art & Design ‘Future Makers’ series showcases the work and minds of the next generation of artists, designers, makers and digital media creators.
Student showcase

Poor protections make buying alcohol online easy for minors

The regulation of online alcohol sales worldwide does not meet the same standard as walk-in bottle shops.
Newsroom story


A dynamic digital space where you'll find the award-winning work of media students, within UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture's School of the Arts & Media.
Student showcase

Setting 'personal best' goals helps students

An educational approach that helps students focus on their own progress can level the academic playing field, the largest study of its kind has shown.
Newsroom story

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