Design for all the Senses

A collaborative performance by UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture and Massive Change Network®

Bruce Mau speaking at Design For All the Senses UNSW Sydney
When we design for all the senses, we bring ideas to life with fullest possible impact - touching people holistically, deeply, profoundly. Creating inspiration. Sparking positive change. Making memories that last a lifetime – Bruce Mau

In September 2022, the ADA Innovation Hub and the Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture collaborated with Bruce Mau and Aiyemobisi (Bisi) Williams of  Massive Change Network® (MCN) to bring to life an immersive production titled Design for all the Senses. Held in the UNSW Roundhouse, the performance was one part of the MASSIVE ACTION Sydney program. Written and directed by Bruce Mau, the performance takes the audience through experience of their five senses.

The design and delivery of the Sydney performance was driven by an  ADA creative team including original music composed by Alister Spence, which was performed by a group of students and staff from across the faculty of ADA, original digital media design by Anna Tow and Melody Li along with students Wenjie Wang and Jacob Rendina, original choreography by Paul Matthews, original graphic design by Briedy Maher, and original production design by Dr Carly Vickers.

Nearly 300 people attended the show across a dress rehearsal and evening performance. 

Take a look behind the scenes of Design for all the Senses at the UNSW Roundhouse.

“Our quality of life is our quality of design.

“We live a designed life. And we experience design through our senses. Yet most design is created exclusively for only one of our sensory organs: the eyeball. We look at design. But how often do we feel it? Experience it? Or even sense it? 

“We’ve been taught to think of our minds as separate from our bodies. But our minds are our bodies.  Our minds are our senses. 

“If we design to enliven all our senses—not just what we see—to surprise and delight, to awaken us to our potential, to share and empower others to live a rich  and full life, we will have a more beautiful and rewarding life. 

“The power of design for all the senses is endless. Because our senses can change our minds. What we feel changes how we think. 

“When we design for all the senses, we bring ideas to life with the fullest possible impact—touching people holistically, deeply, profoundly. Creating inspiration. Sparking positive change. Making memories that last a lifetime. 

“Our journey to designing for all the senses starts now.”

- Bruce Mau

Production credits

Written and Directed by Bruce Mau

Executive Producers
Claire Annesley, UNSW
David Cami, UNSW
Aiyemobisi Williams, MCN

Carly Vickers, UNSW
Paul Matthews, UNSW
Amaris Galea-Orbe, MCN

Script Writer
Cathy DeRonne, MCN

Alister Spence, UNSW

Musicians, UNSW
Alistair Johnston tenor saxophone
Ben Phipps double bass
Blaize Calavera Sivis baritone saxophone
Emma Korell soprano, alto saxophone
Fergus Spencer electric bass
Hayden White violin
Lara Van Den Holder viola
Madeline Maher voice
Michael Brady electric guitar, voice
Xinghan Feng clarinet

Visual Design and Animation Team
Melody Li, UNSW (Lead)
Anna Tow, UNSW (Lead)
Jacob Rendina, UNSW
Wenjie Wang, UNSW

Graphic Design
Briedy Mahar, UNSW
Michail Vlasopoulo, MCN

Event Manager
Emma Snowden, UNSW

Communications Strategy
Trea Murphy, UNSW

UNSW Mask Production
Design Futures Lab, UNSW


Production Team
Nicolle Fierro, UNSW
Joanne Chiang, UNSW
Maria Thaddea, UNSW
Joe Eyre, UNSW
Zhuoya Wang, UNSW
Gretchen Gscheidle, MCN
Jessica Fenner, MCN
Brea Graber, MCN

Special Thanks
Roundhouse, UNSW Sydney
Big Picture
Benji & Jono Bergmann
Itamar Kubovy